Making TV Dinners

Check out my old vacumn pump as I make frozen dinners in re-cycled trays from purchased TV dinners. Nine meals were made from one zuchini cooking mess. Those pots and pans are back in the cabinet again. This uses my time efficiently and saves money by using sales bargains. Plus–I can control the fat and sugar content of my meals. There is also, a built-in control on the amount of food eaten in each meal. It all helps toward a healthier me.
Just recently I decided I needed to get another pump. I got on the internet and searched for the words t;hat were on the label “Pump n Seal” I found it at www.pump-n-seal.com and I ordered one. I forget the price but think it was under $40. I haven’t seen it in stores anymore. It was advertised on TV in the 70″s or 80’s when I first got it. Also learned that they have videos on you tube. Do a search for pump-n-seal. (I tried to answer someone’s question and the system wouldn’t let me, so I placed the information here)



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