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Welcome to Software Inc Modded where we build the biggest tech company ever?!? Can we get 100 likes?


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  1. I know this is a bit late, BUT – I was thinking perhaps the doors next to the elevators should be relocated by moving the walls 1 square closer to the center of the building. This connects them to the Front side of the elevator instead of the Back side of the elevator, making access easier for minimal impact.

  2. I think that you should just quit selling products and focus on developing patents and hosting. Low (labor) overhead on hosting and you can cut your labor force to make even more money.

  3. You can give certain products higher priority over the rest so the team will work more on that one instead of the others just gotta press the little arrow next to the state the product is in and because you put the price at 19,999 you can also change the price if you didn't know.

  4. Seniac:* tries to set team 1’s on the expensive motherboard job , but clicks away without confirming, leaving team 2’s on the job*
    “Waauw team 1’s is so much better!”


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