Maha Abu Auf goes beyond her grief over the death of her brother and saves Mohamed Henedi from a predicament – اخبار مجنونة


Cairo – Gololy

Egyptian artist Maha Abu Ouf decided to overcome her grief over the death of her brother Ezzat Abu Auf and resume her work.

Maha Abu Auf has been in Saudi Arabia for days because of the preparation of the play "3 Days in the Coast" starring artist Mohamed Henedi, and came to Cairo 24 hours to attend the funeral and condolences of her brother Izzat Abu Auf.

The Egyptian artist returned to Saudi Arabia on Wednesday (July 3rd) so as not to put the theater team in a bind, which would have to postpone the show, although it is very difficult, as the Saudi public booked the tickets in four days in full.

Maha's position The artist Mohamed Heneidy and the theater team paid tribute to her for taking the step and her decision to resume the work, which was a surprise to the team despite the difficult circumstances it was going through.

The Egyptian artist Ezzat Abu Ouf, died on Monday morning July 1, at the age of 71 years, in a hospital in Cairo.

The late artist had suffered a health crisis in recent months and was transferred to a private hospital because of his liver and heart disease. He had undergone open heart surgery years ago.


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