Maggie Buggson gets a new "lock" .. Video

Cairo – Gololy

Lebanese artist Maggie Bogson got a new look and made sure to show the fans a video clip from one of the hairdressing salons.

Maggie cut her hair, and took on a different hairstyle, a look that shortened the life of the Lebanese star a lot, and made her look more lively and attractive according to the views of her lover.

On the other hand, Maggie Buggson participated in the last Ramadan marathon in the series "Profa" in front of the Egyptian star Ahmed Fahmy, Sam Sabbagh, Nahla Akl Dawood, and others. The work is written, scripted and conducted by Yasha Mashhadi, directed by Rasha Sharbatji and the production of Eagle Film.

On the film side, "Time out" was Maggie's latest work, and she starred in front of Yorgo Shalhoub, Sam Sabbagh, Sam Saad, Christian Zogby, Masa Habib, Pierre Chamoun, Samara Nahra , Hind Paz and others, and the film is produced by eagle films producer Gamal Sinan, directed by Rami Hanna, and composed by Claude Saliba.

Maggie Buggson is married to Lebanese producer Gamal Sinan and has two children, Ryan and Yara.

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