Madonna spends a family vacation in the Maldives .. Pictures – اخبار مجنونة

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The rock star and 61-year-old American singer, Madonna, posted a set of photos hours ago, on her account on Instagram, and she is at the height of her brilliance and youth, after he took her boyfriend, Ahla Malik Williams, and five of her six children, Lourdes, 23 , The twins Esther and Steele, Mercy James, her son Jay Richie and 14-year-old David Panda.

The Global Star also published, a video clip showing the activities that her family was keen on practicing on the coast of the private island in the Maldives and in which also the private yacht that made sure to rent it for the trip.

Madonna is close to completing the marriage ceremony with her 25-year-old boyfriend, King David, after her parents agreed to marry despite the presence of a significant age difference between them that reached 36 years, according to the statements of her close friends to the English newspaper Mirror.

The world star Madonna has confirmed rumors of dating a dancer from her band calling Ahla Malik Williams, after they took a picture of them from the balcony of her hotel in Miami while he was embracing her.

During their talk to the British "Mirror" website, the parents revealed that they met the international singer, and the couple shared with them their future plans, after her Madame X tour ended next year. Williams's 55-year-old mother and his 59-year-old father confirmed The duet had a relationship for nearly a year, and they were out of the limelight, and they did not mind their son's association with the global singer.

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