Love & Hip Hop New York S9 Reunion, Pt. 2 Evaluate ONLY by


One down. Two to go….right this moment.

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  1. When the episode came out and Erica was on Instagram getting in it, everybody was all for it. I posted saying she should let Safaree handle it. People were telling me she has his back and it was all good but now Cyn should shut up. Also, I see why things always escalate and it's hard to resolve issue with us because our communication skills are poor. We don't try to understand anything. The point wasn't whether Safaree can live his life and be with whoever he wants. The issue was him lying, point blank period. He was asked if he was bringing her and he said, no but low and behold she is there. On top of that, you were being sneaky about it. I don't get where in society we are saying that it is cool for you to ask someone something and they lie to you and you find out later it was a lie and you are ok with it.

  2. Rich acting like he was or is still in love with Erica Mena smdh. Why should he care if he brought her around or not ? smh. Maggie need to get that bullet out of her, get her coins saved to get that bullet out of her. Don't know why they couldn't remove it in the first place.

  3. So I take it safaree and nene aren't fired off these shows and we will be seeing safaree in Atlanta shit we might see him on Atlanta housewives kandi gonna ask him to step into the dungeon
    Rich was giving me Michael and prince vibes at the same time and he better watch his back when he get home did you see how Mariah looked when he said he spoke to anais crazy don't have a size requirement

  4. ALERT! !!ALERT! !!..YALL ACCORDING TO RICH DOLLAZ ARREST RECORD. .remember he got arrested for child support. .THIS NEGRO IS 48YRS OLD ????????????????????..TALKING BOUT HE 41???????????? born in 1971..I am ????????????????????????????

  5. Joe's bravado reminded me when he almost got his butt kicked several years ago at a reunion and his ex, Tahiry (?), threw the punch he did not have the balls to throw.

  6. Was glad that the three ladies said something. They did all of that for the camera and Safaree had the right attitude he they were all doing it for the camera.

  7. I read that Miracle took the plea deal and will serve no jail time. They down graded the charges from attempt murder too aggravated assault. She is bless to skip jail time!

  8. My first born was premature and spent a few weeks in the NICU. The hospital applied for Medicaid for him and I didn’t know until I got the cards in the mail. I was grateful because those bills are crazy and that was 20 years ago! I can only imagine what it is now. People are ignorant.

  9. I had to stop the video to commit lol I work in health care and first of all the hospital will enroll your child automatically if the child qualifies for Medicaid without your "permission" because they want to get paid. Like Roxanne stated hospital bills are life changing and this scenario was actually real life. So cut the baby some slack via the momma no matter how you feel about her.

  10. Us Cancers have a softer energy that makes us easier targets because like said we aren’t confrontational but please believe when pushed you will not punk us out! We soft but we ain’t SOFT soft ????

  11. With everyone saying Cyn should stay out grown men's business, I'm curious to know if the same sentiment applies when it's Jessica Dime or Joseline Hernandez defended their men. Is it because Cyn is young? I don't really have an opinion on the matter but I thought it was interesting that that particular comment keeps coming up for her, but not when Jessica Dime was squaring up with Big Souljah.

  12. Okay Cynthia is a hood female from Dyckman so that's not shocking. Joe grew up fighting in the streets so this was mature of him. Safaree is NOT used to fighting and built some balls. Trust me. Also, Safaree is no type of friend. He's messing with the gutter of ALL gutter rat that messed with ALL of Safarees REAL friends that defended Safaree when everyone clowns him. DJ Envy, Cynthia and Rich all dealt with Erica. Sloppy seconds. Joe, Envy and Rich defended Safareer to no end during his low moments and gave him side gigs to perform.

  13. And, Cyn, where was this energy when Erika popped you in your face? ???? Like stop, Safaree respectfully asked her to stay out of it. If the man would have said something out of line she really would have been mad.

  14. I, too, was not mad at Nya. I’m from the hood as well, I’m not a hood bish probably adjacent lol but you know hood heauxs when you see them. Mariah was wrong and instead of her acknowledging that, she just has to be ruff and tuff w/ her fake Afro puffs. You could tell at that point Nya was over her shit, and she saw red. Maybe she’ll simmer down some, now. We said you had heart girl, but enough. ????

  15. DawnRoxy Bennett you took my words right from underneath the keypad!???????? i would just prefer to watch Rox video and keep it moving and Rox girrrl that "Nia Read" tho! Shit! You made me want to go watch the "Read!"????????????????????????

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