Long boarder goes through every cone perfectly – اخبار مجنونة

49 replies on “Long boarder goes through every cone perfectly”

  1. Can someone please photoshop out the board and cones and put something hilarious. I could use the laugh

    Edit: words are hard

  2. At first I was all “ha look at this tubby chud” but then I was like “holy shit look at this tubby chud!”

  3. Swiggity Swooty he’s Coming For That Booty… also I feel like his hair is like a cheetah’s tail providing him excellent balance in his motion

  4. He needs to be cut out, gif’d into that “person-doing-a-thing-in-space/the ocean/through a time warp/whatever.

  5. Now I need some one to edit a long board underneath the Titans rushing the walls in Attack on Titan…all I could see while watching

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