Life is Short (Original Xbox advert banned)

Mod Original Xbox to play ROMs, Import/Burned Games, XBMC & Emulators. Xbox Softmod Kit for NTSC or PAL The banned commercial starts with a woman …



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  1. Damn, many years ago a friend of mine talked to me about this, and i allways understood/thought it was from an Nike commercial.
    I spent years trying to find it and only now, today i found it!! Thanks.
    Some commercials aren't easy to find.
    By the way, anyone remembers a soda commercial where a lifeguard with green shorts jumps to the sand from his tower and runs towards a girl, he then jumps at her like he was diving, and the next thing you know, she thinks he's gonna kiss her but instead he opens her mouth ( squeezing her cheeks ) and when he does that, the sound of her mouth being open is exactly the same sound when we open a soda can? Anyone?
    He then pours the soda into her mouth, by the way, she's laying on the sand, or on her beach towel, i don't remember well.
    And after he pours the entire soda on her, she gets up ( to her sitting pose ) all wet from the soda, looks at him and says « Cool!!! »
    And then he says « Uuuuhhhhhh. » Starting flirting with her.
    And the commercial ends up with that soda can in front of the screen with him running in the blurred background, also with his green lifeguard patrol rescue can.
    I think that the reason he was wearing all green it's because the soda's can was also green, the thing is i can't remember witch soda it was, or what commercial. The only thing i know is that it was kinda like a Baywatch parody.
    I almost forgot. The song of that commercial is something like Bart Skates from The Simpsons Movie OST, but when the lifeguard lands on her side and starts to caress her face, the song changes to some type of flirt song, a second song, but only for a few seconds, he opens her mouth, that song stops for another few seconds, no song plays when he's pouring the soda into her mouth, and after that « Cool!!! » and « Uuuuhhhhhh » thing, the first song starts playing again till the end of the commercial.
    I appreciate it if someone could find this commercial. Thanks.

  2. This is genius advertisingadvertirtising, the best way to get people to by any think nowadays is to get shit bannned or put something in peoples minds that is really annoying so they get things banned. in people minds by annoying the hell out of them.

  3. This ad lead me to the career of commercial, and I have worked for that business for three years. Until last year, 2017, on my birthday, I finally bought Xbox one, even I don't play any game at all. Just show my respect.

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