Lenovo Ideacentre 520 All in One 27 Inch Desktop PC Review

Buy one at Lenovo – http://lon.tv/j6qax (affiliate link) – The Lenovo Ideacentre 520 All in One is a decent, no frills all in one PC with an optical drive. 520 service …



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  1. Just purchased this all in one pc but am too afraid to use it as it just isn't stable on my desk. I re read the set up guide and realised I hadn't put the plastic cable clip on the back of it. Will this help to stabilize my pc 🤔

  2. Hi. Thank you for that great review. I found it very informative and useful. Quick question….. I noticed the screen has a high reflection. If I am going to be using Excel and Word, am I going to be seeing my own reflection on the screen?

  3. Thanks for the review Lon. I don't understand the draw for these all in ones when you can do a mini pc like an Intel Nuc or some other type and then mount it on the back of a monitor. With that solution, you are free to upgrade either component, yet still have the space savings similar to an all in one. Maybe not as sleek to look at but with more versatility.

  4. Question: Can you output the PC signal to a monitor and then have a console running into this bigger screen at the same time? With my setup at home, I would like to have this on a smaller screen and run my PS4 through the bigger screen, but then, if I just want to use the PC, I could unplug the console and it switches right back.

    I've been looking for an all in one, this one I actually like, big screen, can act like a monitor.

    I'll just look for something that can turn off the HDMI signal between the console and the monitor.

  5. Lon, as you describe it Optane is doing exactly what it's meant to. If you think that the performance of this system's spinning drive rivals that of a laptop SATA SSD that is exactly what they were trying to achieve. As I understand it, Optane is like a solid state cache for mechanical hard drives.

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