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Learn English with TV Series: Friends

Free PDF Lesson for this scene: http://reallifeglobal.com/pl-signup-joeys-man-purse Throw away your boring grammar book and start having a lot more fun learning English. Our channel is going…



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  1. In addition to English lessons at school, I started watching TV shows woth subtitles to learn English (Slang and native pronounciation) when I was in the 6th grade, I even had a dictionary to look up the words I didnt understand..
    FRIENDS in particular has helped me A LOT, this method does work!
    I can fairly say that I picked up the accent and have a whole lots of vocabulary stuck in my head haha

  2. This is a great method for improving our listing, however, Rachel speaks very fast I can't follow what she say even using subtitles. I'm sure if we get all what she says we can say we have a great listening skill.

  3. Thank you so much. I just wanted this kind of method to learn english better way. I know little bit of English. I have tried lot of techniques but,it doesn't worked for me.i think it would be perfect for me to learn english.once again thank you so much for the video

  4. This is a very good video to study English. I had a lot of fun every time I was watching the video and imitating what the characters were speaking. It is more interesting and easier to understand because all of the TV series are about our daily life and full of a sense of humor. I am also going to write the phrases I learnt from it and practice them when I talk with people. The more I use, the more I can remember them. Thanks for the lesson that summaries and explains phrases and jokes, and slow down some sentences to make it clear. I like the UNIsex (you need sex/ you and I sex) joke, and Joey's confidence that it is odd how a woman's purse looks so good on him, a man. : )