Lawsuit against Mohamed Ramadan of the arrested pilot


Cairo – Gololy

Pilot Abu Al-Yusr filed a lawsuit against the Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan, bearing No. 119 of 2020 as an economic appellant for exploiting his image and social standing.

The lawsuit stated that Ramadan used the pilot to promote himself by publishing a video clip of a new song for him in the name of “Don't inspect at the airport,” using the picture of Captain Pilot Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr in a demonstration scene in the plane’s leadership, which resulted in severe financial and moral damages to him.

The acts committed by the artist Mohamed Ramadan are in violation of intellectual property rights according to the Egyptian intellectual property law.

On the other hand, the suspended pilot for life, Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr, said in a telephone interview with Ahmed Moussa on the program "On My Responsibility" that what the artist Muhammad Ramadan claimed in his claim for nine and a half million pounds is totally false of health, and he never imagined that He encounters a person who underestimates the future of people in this way.

Mohamed Ramadan had been subjected to great criticism after he published a video representing his being subjected to surgery and commented on him, saying: “The doctor who photographed me stopped his work for life,” something that some considered ridicule of Abu al-Yusr and Ramadan had to delete the comment on the video and close the comments after the attack on him.

It is noteworthy that this incident occurred while the actor and artist Mohamed Ramadan went to Riyadh to perform a concert there and during his flight on the plane he wanted to film a promotional video for him from inside the cabin and he tried to pilot the plane for the first time, to be broadcast immediately upon his arrival.


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