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  1. You missed the best one: Guy Goma in 2006.

    Guy was at the BBC for a job interview as an accountant. Unbeknownst to him, IT specialist Guy Kewney was also at the BBC waiting to be interviewed live on TV.

    A few minutes before going live to air, someone ran down to the reception area to collect Guy.
    "Are you Guy? Good, come with me."

    It was, of course, the wrong Guy.
    Goma was rushed into the studio. He first thought was part of the interview – until the interviewer told him it was live and asked him a tricky question about a court case involving Apple.
    The look on his face as he realises what's happening is priceless.

    He blathered his way through the interview. Meanwhile the real Guy Kewney was downstairs watching himself be interviewed.

    Worst aspect of all this is that Goma was, at that time, 36 years old while Kewney was 60. Oh, and Goma was a Black Congolese who spoke heavily accented English while Kewney was a White Briton who spoke perfect English. So you can see how easily it was to mix them up.

    Goma even has his own wiki page.

  2. I can understand some of these, but what the hell was going on with the last one. Did they not say anything to the guy sitting next to them on the couch until the camera started rolling? And, did they not realize that he looked nothing like the guy in the giant picture right behind them? Even if its a green screen or something, I’m sure they’ve got a screen where they can see that picture.

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