Lady Gaga supports homosexuals with a huge concert

Translation – Gololy

The famous American singer and singer Lady Gaga starred at a gala concert in New York City on Saturday night, 28 June, to emphasize their support and encouragement.

The 33-year-old international star also came to support them in the challenges they face through exposure to pressure and criticism from society.

The gala ceremony included all gay and lesbian groups who showed great enthusiasm with singer Lidi Gaga's songs. The concert was very loud with the audience who were clapping, dancing and chanting.

Gaga stressed that she did not deny and never forget the virtue of all homosexuals, and that they supported her at the beginning of her life and supported her with a lot of love until she became Lady Gaga, the world famous singer.

On the other hand, the American star and singer Lady Gaga returned to her concerts after a long break after the promotion of her new film "A Star Was Born", which lasted more than 6 months.

The international star appeared on one of the most famous theaters in Las Vegas, recently, in her concert, which was limited to attendance on celebrities and dignitaries only and lasted for 4 hours.

Gaja appeared on stage with more than 3 different views, each of the new songs she recently put on her new album.

The star and singer of the famous American Lady Gaga, was subjected to an awkward position while presenting a show at the luxury hotel "Park MGM" in Las Vegas.

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