KRYPTON Official Super Bowl Trailer (2018) New Superman Series HD – اخبار مجنونة

KRYPTON Official Super Bowl Trailer (2018) New Superman Series HD

Here is an early look at the Krypton Superbowl Tv Spot. Enjoy – Thadd.



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  1. Did anybody notice the more advance our cgi capabilities gets the more boring stupid and dumb tv series and movie gets. I saw an episode of this tv series and tbh I'm quite shock on how stupid the writers are to include an earthly phrase that was used in a particular episode. I didn't know kryptonians also knows the phrase " a piece of shit" as a sentence enhancer 🤣 haha they gave universal language a whole new meaning

  2. do script writers all go the the same school, for the love of god
    how bad can it get , they are all the same. put a hood on and do the
    fucking pepsi challenge and see if you can guess which garbage show
    by the script that has been regurgitated up…
    uuuuuuhh…uuuhhh… that one where all those dumb ass teenagers get sent to
    earth and it becomes a futuristic lord of the flies type thing but they all have our american college accents and slang?
    wrong dumb ass Shanara chronicles..oh wait a minute its pretty much the same shit tv show.
    cant wait to see how they brutally rape The Lord of the Rings

  3. From the writers of two ok movies, comes a new TV drama. That everyone already hates. Starring over acting English men, and fe fi fo fumble lines, with a story that's been told seven or 100 times already. Stuperman: let's get f*cked.