Hello this is Carl the landscape guy. It’s become very cold out and I’m going to the pond now to see if we can spot the koi. In the natural pond where the Koi live, there is no heating or any other technical equipment. In winter, it often freezes and even now we have a thin layer of ice on it. I don’t believe it. There are the Koi under the ice. They’re swimming around, not fast of course, but they seem to be in a good mood. It almost looks as if they’re searching for food, but that’s what they’re always doing. Now it’s snowing too, but the ice on the side of the pond has thawed a bit from the sun. So we might be able to come closer to the Koi. Somehow I have the feeling that the cold doesn’t really bother the Koi. With the exception, that they swim a little slower than in summer, no difference is noticeable. What surprised me, is that normally fish prefer to dive to the bottom of the water when temperatures drop because their metabolism begins to decrease at about 4 ° C. But instead these koi here are looking for food, even at negative temperatures. So now I give them a small handful of food; more than that can’t be digested at these temperatures anyway. I know, some people say you shouldn’t do that, but I think as long as you don’t overdo it, it’s ok. These Koi seem to be good with it, maybe they are related to the greenland shark or something. I’m still interested in what it looks like under the ice and that’s why we’ll look into the water with a waterproof Gopro. From this perspective too, it looks like the fish are doing well. I don’t see any protruding scales, the fish are not too lean and they should survive through the rest of the winter well. And there is the greenland shark!!! i knew it! So it’s the next morning and I’m on my way to the pond. Overnight it has frozen over and snowed again. At the moment the pond is frozen, as you can see, completely white with ice and snow on top. And that’s when I thought of something. Something that we have to do to help the Koi that is. They are still down there and need to get some oxygen again. They are, of course, in a kind of hibernation, the cold-blooded animals. Not much happens when it’s so cold. But because there are so many, I’m a little worried that they won’t get as much oxygen as they should. The gas exchange can not take place in water naturally and no oxygen can be added over the surface. Therefore, I want to improve that here and now. I still have a cover made of polycarbonate sheets, floating on PVC pipes, that we built for the floating net basket. And we’ll just lay it on the ice and watch tomorrow when the sun comes out. If it melts under it then we’ll have at least a small area without ice. We’ll put it there now and then we’ll see what happens. So here’s the cover. We have to get it under the net first. I don’t want to make this too loud so the fish wont go crazy. Already there is some pretty thick ice on it. So, now we have the cover placed on the pond. I’m curious if the sun will shine enough tomorrow, so that we get a small opening on that area. It’s supposed to work like a little greenhouse. I’m curious and hope it works out. Now the sun is shining and I’m curious if there is still ice under the cover. It has snowed a little, but the snow can also insulate. And it actually worked and there is no ice under it. I hope that helps Koi at least a little bit. Usually the Koi were pretty much ok with the Ice but it always depends on how long the surface is frozen for. Whether it is only a few days or weeks. This time, ice was on the pond for about a week. I am glad that the fish have survived everything well. If you also keep koi outside over the winter, I would be interested in how you do it and how you prepare your pond. Please write it in the comments. While we are here at the pond with the koi I have to show you this. This is not a photo but a hand-painted picture on canvas. I got that from a subscriber. Hi Margie and thank you so much, this is awesome. On her channel “Margies Atelier” you can find a video in which she creates this art piece step by step. So check it out and subscribe to her channel. This gets a special place in my office. By the way, she also designed this premium Yamabuki Koi T-shirt, which is available now below the video. It stands for natural koi keeping and has the Koi Mama with the little baby koi on it. With each purchase you support my work and show your love to the koi. Thanks for watching and your continued support, I wish you the best and a great day, until next time. I’m Carl the Landscape Guy.
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