King Resettlement Program – press launch – … South Africa – اخبار مجنونة

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  1. This is serious, thousands of South Africans are now compromised and under threat because of this breach. I give you one guess who will be interested to hack the site…yes you are right. The explanation as to how and what data was available to be hacked is also vague….this is not a game and not on!!!

  2. Unfortunately, this happens and is caused by people who don't consider the consequences for institutions who want nothing more than to help. I can only guess it's one of the many tactics of modern-day warfare. As security is strengthened, new ways to hack are found and always will be. Whether it is KRP or Facebook, hackers hack. All we can do is continually update security which is why KRP will no longer keep personal data on the web.

  3. So sorry to hear this has happened. Glad they are sorting it out. It just goes to show how afraid certain parties are of the work that they are doing to help minorities escape.

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