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  1. I remember when you came too TULSA ok-victory Christian center 2018 I prayed so hard wanted you too come n sing n worship wanted my son Jordan too experience this style of worship was so touched Kim sang and was at least 8-9 months pregnant I cried and thanked the lord🙏that’s surrender-Giving you’re all thank you again Kim May the lord continue too pour into you fresh off heavens press songs of passionate worship & love❤️ 🙏

  2. Kim Walker-Smith…. your passionate way of ministering is indeed supernatural… to me, as they said to Apostle Paul (the gods has come down to us in the likeness of men). You are a god in the midst of human in the likeness of men. You are a blessing to my soul. more GRACE.

  3. So sad, that there so many leaders in the church absolutely NO Spirit Of Discernment as to when The Spirit of God is manifesting. Praise Hod that He’s a God of multiple chances and you did give Him a second chance. Oh how awesome it is that NOTHING catches God by surprise.

  4. The song brave surrender has changed my life 180 degree. God has called me into full time ministry which in my mind I was no where ready to go for it. but this song changed my perspective which says it takes lot of bravery to surrender to God and live the way exactly how Jesus wants us to live. Thanks be to a god who raised such an anointed worship leader.

  5. She is truly amazing I so dearly appreciate her vulnerable sincerity. All too real. Kim has been a tremendous influence in my life. She is such a blessing and absolutely precious beyond precious!

  6. I love her worship songs she puts her all into it especially the one "all I need is you"😍.. and that's how we suppose to love God with our all and everything. God bless u always Kim

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