Kim Kardashian takes a black dress in the streets of New York – اخبار مجنونة

Translation – Gololy

American reality television star and actress Kim Kardashian has been caught in the streets of New York State with a short black dress as she walks with her close friend.

The Daily Mail described the 38-year-old star as Wonder Woman, starring actress Gal Gadot in her latest film.

Kim was in New York alone without her husband, American rapper Cany West and her children.

In May, Kim Kardashian received her fourth child, the Alternative Mother, the second child to give birth after her daughter, Chicago, because of her inability to conceive after suffering a uterine haemorrhage during the birth of her second child, St.

The reality TV star recently held a big, noisy party in the backyard of her $ 60 million palace on the prestigious outskirts of Bel Air for the birthday of her 6-year-old daughter, Northwest.

The 38-year-old international star quotes the concert from the "Land of the Kandi". The place is filled with a variety of children's favorite candies, and the courtyard is filled with colors that drew the attention of young and old.

A large colorful corridor over the green grass, as well as in children's toys, leads to wooden lollipops, through photos and videos shared by the famous exhibitor with the 140 million followers of the social networking site Instagram.

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