Keto Vs Low Carb Diet | Which One Is Better?

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Keto Vs Low Carb Diet | Which One Is Better? is a video that explains how Dr. Zyrowski uses the keto diet and low carb diet interchangeably.

Keto vs low carb which is better is a question that many people direct towards me. I am a big advocate of both diets and use them interchangeably. I use them in very specific instances in order to promote health and wellbeing. The sicker someone is the more likely I am to go directly towards the ketogenic diet. When someone has progressed into a better state of health and we consider low carb diet vs keto diet I tend to lean more towards the low carb diet as the person is now more tolerable of more carbs.

Ketogenic diet vs low carb is typically a conversation where people are on one side of the isle or the other. The truth is that they both offer amazing benefits. The low carb diet I find to be beneficial for those who are trying to live a health lifestyle but want to enjoy life a little bit. I categorize the low carb diet as one that is 100 grams of carbohydrates a day or less. Most people do best on this diet as it allows for healthy carbohydrates to be consumed and the diet is not as strict, making it easier to follow. Low carb diet results should not be overlooked as many people see amazing transformation following the low carb system that I teach.

The low carb diet weight loss is very transformational. The ketogenic diet will offer you the fastest weight loss but with exercise and intermittent fasting the low carb diet won’t be far behind with fat loss transformations. As mentioned above I have seen many people completely transform their health using both the low carb diet and the ketogenic diet. Sometimes when considering the keto vs low carb diet it really depends on you as an individual and which one is good for you.

As mentioned above, if you combine intermittent fasting and exercise to with either of these diet systems you will see even better results. Low carb vs keto is a great way to improve your health naturally.


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