Kenneth Ma is still friends with Jacqueline Wong

10 Jan – Kenneth Ma recently dismissed the idea that he and Jacqueline Wong are in conflict with each other following the actress’ previous scandal with Andy Hui that ended their relationship.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor who appeared at an event alongside Selena Lee recently, stated that he and Jacqueline would still send messages to each other via text once in a while, even though they haven’t seen each other since she returned to Hong Kong.

“We’ll always be friends. Don’t think that we have any hatred towards each other,” he said.

Kenneth even helped promoted his ex-girlfriend’s new drama, “Handmaidens United”, saying that it was a simple series that made him happy watching it.

When mentioned that some netizens are boycotting the show because of the actress, he said that there is no need to do such a thing as a series does not depend on just one star.

“They should not stop watching just because they don’t like one person. For example, if you don’t like me, you could have just watched “Big White Duel” for other actors like Roger Kwok,” he added.

Asked if Jacqueline is set to make her TVB comeback, Kenneth stated that it would be the actress’ choice and that he will support her whatever decision she makes.

(Photo Source: Kenneth Ma Weibo)

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