Kelly Jenner sets off a surprise and announces her marriage to her famous singer friend

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Reality TV star, American model and 22-year-old billionaire Kelly Jenner has announced her marriage to her friend Rosalia Villa Topella, known as Rosalia, a Spanish singer and songwriter.

The global star published a picture that they gathered via her account on "Instagram", accompanied by a picture of the wedding ring, and Zwalia also published the same image, hanging "I said yes" in a sign of her approval.

Kelly Jenner, the younger sister of reality TV star Kim Kardashian, works in fashion, in addition to owning a cosmetic brand, and has a two-year-old "Stormy" child from her singer husband Travis Scott.

And the wealth of Kelly Jenner is “billion dollars. The secret behind Jenner’s success is the success that her company achieved from the cosmetics that it launched in 2015, as it is superior to its older sister Kim Kardashian, whose wealth reached 350 million dollars.

Jenner is particularly famous for being proud of her wealth on social media, as she did after renting a whopping $ 200 million yacht to celebrate her 22nd birthday, called Tranquility, costing it a week's rent of 1.1 million euros (more than $ 1.2 million).

The reality TV star and American model Kelly Jenner has longed for pregnancy days, as memories of her pregnancy were restored, in her daughter Stormy, recently, which is her second year in a few days.

Kelly Jenner, posted a photo during her pregnancy through her account on "Instagram", accompanied by a comment saying: During the pregnancy in my daughter I do not imagine that she will be her second year soon.

Kelly Jenner had recently faced angry reactions after wearing a fur shoe and posted it on her account on Instagram at a time when Australia's forests were burning, so she donated a million dollars in favor of relief from forest fires that killed more than half a million animals, including Rare strains besides human losses.

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