Kelly Jenner and her daughter with one look

Translation – Gololy

Actress and TV star Kelly Jenner is trying to spend her time with her only daughter, Stormy Webster.

The 21-year-old international star has posted on her profile on the social networking site Instagram, which includes more than 139 million people, several photos she took with her daughter in Calabasas, and Stormy wore a dress that was identical to Kelly's. "My true life.

Kelly Jenner picked up these special moments in her 13,000-foot, eight-bedroom palace, which she bought for $ 12 million in 2016, according to Variety.

Since April, Kelly Jenner has told rap star Travis Scott that they want to have Stormy brothers.

On the other hand, the star of reality television and American model Kelly Jenner, surprised her audience, that she was waiting for her second child, after posting a video on her personal account at the social networking site Instagram, was filmed from the birthday party of her sister Chloe Kardashian thirty-fifth.

"I'm pregnant!" Said Kelly Jenner, a 21-year-old voice.

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