Kelly Cheung says role in “Legal Mavericks 2” is more mature

9 Jan – Kelly Cheung recently revealed that her character in the upcoming series, “Legal Mavericks 2” will be different from her previous dramas, and has no resemblance at all to her own personality in real life.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who spoke about the upcoming series at the press conference held earlier this week, shared that she will again play the love interest of Vincent Wong after having done so in their previous drama, “The Man Who Kills Trouble”.

“Hopefully, I won’t die early this time,” she said, referring to the other drama with a laugh.

Kelly shared that her character Eva in the upcoming sequel to the hit 2017 series is a professional barrister who is very curious about Hope (Vincent Wong) and wants to best him after finding out that he is her mentor’s (Paul Chun) most favourite protege.

“The character is more mature, professional and motivated. She is completely different from me. Even the producer asked me to show a more mature performance and deepen my voice so not to sound too young,” she said.

Kelly also stated that she has been learning a lot from Vincent when it comes to playing her role, and even watched the original drama for reference.

It is noted that Kelly was previously cast as a “replacement” for Ali Lee, who will not return to the series to play the district court judge Cherry.

(Photo Source: Kelly Cheung Instagram)

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