Kelly Cheung opens up about non-showbiz boyfriend – اخبار مجنونة

9 Jan – After surprising fans with news that she has actually been dating someone for a while, TVB actress Kelly Cheung recently explained that she has never been secretive about it.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who recently posted a series of photos of her vacation in Hawaii, tagged a man with the username Brunyez in the caption, and said that he has been a very good “boyfriend of Instagram” – which attracted a lot of attention as Kelly has never actually admitted to be in a relationship before.

When asked about it at the press conference of her new drama, “Legal Mavericks 2”, she responded, “We’ve been together for two years and are in a stable relationship. He is always in group photos, just never tagged. He is not in the showbiz circle.”

Kelly stated that the only reason she decided to tag him in the photos was because they were great photos of her and that he should take the credit for his photography skills.

However, when asked whether she and her boyfriend have any plans to tie the knot, the actress stated that marriage is not in the cards for now.

(Photo Source: Kelly Cheung Instagram)

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