Katy Perry Checks High Hits On YouTube With "Never Really Over" Video


Translation – Gololy

The video "Never Really Over" by Katie Perry was a great success as soon as it was released. The video clip on Katie Perry's official YouTube channel reached 19 million viewers in just two days.

The new "Never Really Over" is directed by Felipe Price and produced by Zedd.

Many of the people involved in music and singing said it was the best job to make Katie Perry the focus of attention again, especially as Katie disappeared for a short time.

The international star recently attended the gala concert, which was held on Monday, May 7, in the United States of America, and saw the presence of Hollywood stars and stars in exotic clothes, the annual event to raise funds for the Metropolitan Institute of the Arts.

The ceremony also witnessed many of the most unusual clothes that did not appear on the red carpet, most notably Katy Perry, where she wore a green dress very much like "lettuce" vegetables, and then enter the "Hamburger Sandwich" The sarcastic comments on "Social Media".


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