Katie Holmes lives the happiest moments of her life after her association with a famous star – اخبار مجنونة

Translation – Gololy

American actress and actress Katie Holmes is currently in her best condition after announcing her association with world star Jimmy Fox after announcing their relationship earlier.

The pair were keen to keep their relationship secret, long-term, out of sight due to issues between them and Tom Cruise after their break-up in 2012, which would have required them not to be linked for five years.

The international star appeared yesterday in New York City and was as happy as the pictures she showed in a distinctive dress in the streets of the city.

The international star entered into a relationship with Jimmy Fox in 2013 after she separated from her husband Tom Cruise in 2012, and also has a child called Syrian from her former husband Tom Cruise.

On the hottest side, Katie Holmes participated in the 2018 American Ballet Theater Spring Gala, which was held at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York, USA.

The 39-year-old international star, Tom Cruise, has caught the eye, with Katie wearing a floral dress in blue.

Katie Holmes was also accompanied by her 12-year-old daughter, Suri Cruz, during the annual ceremony, and the latter appeared with a similar look to her mother's look.

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