Kareena Kapoor describes Sarah Ali Khan as boring


Bololy – Gololy

Day after day, the radio show "What Women Want" presented by movie star Kareena Kapoor Khan has become increasingly popular, as it is the talk of the city, at the moment due to an important guest who appeared with her, the actress Sarah Ali Khan.

During the interview, Karina revealed that she found that Sarah (the rising artist Sarah Ali Khan, daughter of her husband Saif Ali Khan) became "really boring" after she lost her weight because at first, she was preparing a pizza like no other.

When asked why, Karina revealed, “Because now you don't eat pizza, and you don't do it all. Now you are really boring. ”

Sarah also used this opportunity to straighten out a few phrases to her stepmother Karina, saying: “Yes, but now I can earn money to buy pizza. What about that? “.

Sarah was weighing more than 96 kg before she lost her weight, with this radical change, an issue that caught the attention of young men has emerged. Because of this Karina wondered if Sarah was getting more male attention due to changing her physical appearance.

Sarah replied by saying, “Nobody approaches me and you know that. I think it happens because I'm a scary and scary person. But I don't hit anyone. I really think so. “

Sarah indicated that her physical appearance has never affected her confidence, according to the star, and she is as confident now as it was when she was underweight. Sarah also mocked the idea in the end, admitting, "Maybe the boys love my photos more than if I were fat."


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