Kaman Kong not perturbed by sexual harassment scene in drama – اخبار مجنونة

14 Feb – Kaman Kong recently assured everyone that she is not at all uncomfortable being groped by senior actor Cheung Kwok Keung during a scene in her new drama, “The Dripping Sauce”.

As reported on HK01, the scene which had since becoming a topic of discussion among netizens, sees Kaman’s character being felt up and had her behind being inappropriately touched by Cheung’s perverted warlord character, while her brother looked on and did nothing.

When mentioned that a lot of people were uncomfortable watching the scene, Kaman assured that she had no issue with it.

“It was pretty relaxing working with KK (Cheung Kwok Keung). He knows I’m young, so before we filmed, he would discuss with me on how to do the scene, and even asked me to say something if it felt uncomfortable,” she said.

When asked if she felt like she was taken advantage of, Kaman said that it depends on how one looked at it.

“It’s not like the actual actor who wanted to do all of that to me, so it’s okay. If the audiences were uncomfortable, it means we succeeded,” she added.

The actress also added that audiences need to brace themselves, as there will be more uncomfortable scenes in later episodes.

(Photo Source: Hk01)

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