Justin Bieber gives a girl $ 100,000 .. what's the occasion?


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In a good gesture, the famous Canadian singer and star Justin Bieber, 25, granted a girl of his fans, Julie Coker, $ 100,000 to support her in the field of mental health, where he gave her the check during a tour of him in the "mtv" studio In Times Square, USA, accompanied by singer Quivo.

Justin Bieber, Julie Coker, was surprised by this amount, according to international media, after learning about her efforts to eradicate mental health and suicide, and Julie Coker, head of the Stockton Society branch in Active Minds, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness of mental health. Among college students.

Justin Bieber personally gave a check to the lucky fan, who belongs to Monmouth County, New Jersey, and the check was donated during the recording of the "Fresh Out Live" program broadcast on MTV, Friday

According to press sources, Cooker plans to use the money to attend the Monmouth University School of Graduate Studies in New Jersey, and to return the remaining amount to an organization dealing with mental therapies and suicide studies.

Coker, 22, indicated in a press statement saying: I am working now for mental health because of my own struggle in mental health in the past, and it is important for us to talk about mental health; because more than 50% of us face the challenge of mental health in our lives.

After being diagnosed with depression, Coker became an advocate and interested in illness and mental and psychological research by establishing the Association of "Active Minds" at Stockton University in Galloway, New Jersey.

Julie Coker also helped examine nearly 5,000 students suffering from depression, suicide risk and eating disorders.

It is worth noting that the young star Justin Bieber, returned to the battlefield again strongly, after launching his single "yummy", through his official YouTube channel, in preparation for the release of his new album in 2020, after 5 years of absence from the art scene.

Singer Justin Bieber is scheduled to release a documentary series about the production of his new album on YouTube, the platform from which the singer launched from his music debut more than a decade ago.


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