Johnny Depp presents documents confirming his physical assault from his wife Amber Hurd


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The star and the great American artist Johnny Depp presented documents to the court claiming he was physically assaulted by his wife under the influence of drugs.

Hollywood star Johnny Depp denied physical abuse of his former wife Amber Hurd, accusing her of mistreatment during their marriage.

The 55-year-old world star, in new documents he presented to the court in his libel case against his employer demanding compensation of $ 50 million, claimed that Herd was deceiving and "discolored her face with the suggestion of bruises."

The hero of the Pirates of the Caribbean film series, said: Hurd's accusations have been strongly denied since they were first made in May 2016.

Depp's former wife's lawyer denied all charges against his client, and Deep filed the defamation case against Amber after she described the actress herself as a victim of domestic abuse, in a December report in The Washington Post.

The US actress asked a Virginia court to dismiss the suit, prompting Deep to announce details of new charges against her.

"Amber has entered the court for a temporary restraining order with bruised bruises (on her face). Witnesses and surveillance footage showed that they did not exist on any day of the previous week," said Johnny Depp.

"I will continue to deny for the rest of my life … There was no mistreatment of Mrs. Hurd or any other woman.

She was accused, saying: She was the culprit, and I was the victim. By taking authorized medical drugs and blending them with unauthorized drugs and alcohol, Herd committed countless acts of domestic violence against me, often in the presence of an outside witness, and in some cases caused serious bodily harm.

Eric Jorge, the lawyer for the American actress, told People magazine: The evidence in this case is clear: Johnny Depp hit Amber Herd repeatedly, and described Depp's charges to his former wife as "baseless conspiracy theories."

"The evidence in this case is clear, and then he did not give anything," a spokesman for Depp said in a statement obtained by the BBC.


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