Joaquin Phoenix Animal advocate: We are all animals


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Oscar-winning actor Joaquin Phoenix recently launched a new campaign for the Animal Defense Organization "Beta" … aimed at urging people to live vegetarians.

The campaign by the 45-year-old superstar is directed in India, according to New18. The hero of the movie "The Joker" is known to be an animal rights activist, a member of the Animal Defense Organization "Beta", and has always criticized Wild humans with animals.

Joaquin, a vegetarian since childhood, was affected while participating in a fishing boat trip, after seeing how to catch and then dump it in a bad way, according to IMDB.

Joaquin Phoenix has an important participation in the documentary Earthlings, which illustrates the crimes committed by humans in the right of animals.

It took 6 years to finish filming, due to the difficulty in obtaining footage with hidden cameras.

"I think we have become very separate from the natural world," Joaquin said while receiving an Oscar. Many of us are guilty and follow a selfish point of view, and we believe we are the center of the universe. We go to the natural world and plunder its resources .. We artificially impregnate a cow and steal its child, although her cries of pain are not hidden from the eyes .. Then we take her calf milk and put it in our coffee and our grains. "

And the world star continued: I often think about the issues that grieve, and I think that whether we are talking about equality and racism or human rights or indigenous or animal rights we are talking about fighting injustice, and I think we need to sacrifice for the environment and all living things.


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