Jine Omran about Nikki Minage: What you offer does not deserve respect

Cairo – Gololy

The Saudi media commentator Jane Omran commented on the news of the cancellation of the American star Nicky Minage, which was scheduled to take place during the Jeddah season in Saudi Arabia, surprising her nomination to participate in concerts.

"I was very surprised at the beginning," she said in a tweet on her Twitter profile, which she accompanied by announcing the cancellation of the Nikki Minag ceremony for violating the nature of concerts in Saudi Arabia. She expected to include Nicky Manaj as part of the artists participating in our entertainment activities.

"What the six Nicky offers, whether they are blues, lyrics, dance style or other things, does not fall into the category of entertainment at all, but it has a different line that does not deserve respect," she said.

"After thinking, I decided not to go ahead with the Jeddah International Festival, despite my great desire to present my performances to the Saudi public," said Nicky, who told the Associated Press news agency. To show my support for women's rights, gay rights and freedom of expression. "

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