Jessica Alba picks up pictures of her friend in the street

Translation – Gololy

It seems that the American star and actress Jessica Alba used to spend a good time in New York, USA, when she appeared on a street, accompanied by one of her close friends and the couple appeared together as they exchanged conversation.

She took the photographers of the paparazzi, a collection of pictures of the world star and she takes pictures of her friend in the street.

The 38-year-old Jessica Alba appeared wearing a black and white polka-dot dress and the dress was signed by the fashion house Caroline Constas.

On the other hand, the star and the great American actress Jessica Alba participated in the opening ceremony of the annual Monte Carlo International Television Festival, which is hosted by the French Principality of Monaco.

The 38-year-old international star took part in the opening ceremony of the festival, on the occasion of the launch of her new series LA's Finest, which witnessed the opening ceremony of the festival.

The series produces the Netflix US network and is scheduled to broadcast in the United States and Britain in early July 2019.

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