Jennifer Lopez is in crisis with her fiancé

Translation – Gololy

The love relationship that dominates the global duo Jennifer Lopez and her fiancé Alex Rodriguez is on its way to the end, according to a report on Fox News, which listed the details based on a source close to the famous duo.

The 49-year-old international star is upset by the actions of her former fiance Alex, a former baseball player, especially after he said in the past few days about Kelly Jenner, the star of reality television, Kim Kardashian's sister-in-law.

Alex said in an interview that Kelly Jenner spoke to him about the red lips and their great wealth, while they were together at the funeral of the dead Jala, which was denounced by Kelly via Twitter through a snarl embarrassed him when he denied his words.

It seems that all of the above feel Jennifer Lopez embarrassed by the actions of her fiancé, especially according to the report also has already assured him that she does not care for his statements at all as long as it does not touch her family and professional life, stressing that should not be addressed to her colleagues in her dialogue embarrassing, which recently happened to act to confirm the source that This behavior may entail a bilateral split in the coming period.

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