Jennifer Lopez concert in Egypt full number .. and ticket prices surprising .. See

Translation – Gololy

Ticketegypt launched tickets for the international star Jennifer Lopez, which is scheduled to take place on Friday 9 August in the new city of El Alamein on the northern coast.

Three categories of tickets were selected for the upcoming ceremony starting from 2000 pounds, 4,000 pounds for the VIP category and the highest for EGP 4500 for Golden Circle, which was sold in full.

Jennifer Lopez is a famous American dancer and actress born in New York in 1969. Lopez, nicknamed J LO, is the richest Latin American character, selling 55 albums around the world.

One of the highlights of the 49-year-old international star was "Is not It Funn", "Dance with Me", "Baby I Love U!", "Brave", "Be Mine" "Whatever You Wanna Do "," "On the Floor.

Jennifer Lopez also participated in a number of films including Angel Eyes, Shall We Dance? , The Back-up Plan.

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