Jamila Awad reveals the scenes of her role in the movie "Secondary Girls" .. and the reason for her departure from the text


Cairo – Gololy

The Egyptian actress Jamila Awad revealed the details of her participation in the movie "Secondary Girls", which is currently being shown in cinemas.

Jamila Awad, during her interview on the "Cairo Now" program, with the female journalist, Lamees Al-Hadidi, broadcast on Al-Hadath satellite channel, said: "Secondary girls do not discuss a specific issue, but it reflects the lives of five girls and the interactions of life with them through love relationships in a secondary."

She added that, despite her graduation from a British school, the experience of coexistence in secondary girls and the role of a popular girl and her good embodiment of her personality is due to the artist’s stock and mixing with others and the way they deal with them, which is a stored memory, which helped her to play the role in the movie.

She pointed out that during work I decided to focus more on what is going on in the street and in front of high school schools to get to know the performance of girls and that some of her companions at work helped her a lot to amend some words and some performance as I was presenting the scene in front of groups during filming so that they could express their point of view in the words.

And she continued, she is in one of the scenes that I gathered with the artist Hanadi in the movie, she told her: “If you annoy him, I will hit you.” Her colleague would reply to her, saying her name: “Apsekholk .. I will hit you.”

She added about her experience with young artists: “The scenes of the movie were different from any other work because the artists were mostly Sunni, so the scenes were mostly toys .. And the play itself was a study because this way of talking between us we would finish filming and eat together and take ice cream or go to the house of someone In them we watch television, and I used to work all the time going on YouTube about characters close to the character or the role I play and the simple performance that made us all in a chain relationship.

She indicated that the director relied heavily on Avihat Bina outside the script and was impressed with it, and he did not object to any part of our performance or Avihata.


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