Jaclyn Jose says she never relies on her children


26 Feb – Jaclyn Jose proudly shared that she has never relied on her children when it comes to making money and living life with them.

As reported on PEP, the actress, who has two children – daughter Andi Eigenmann and son Gwen Garimond Ilagan Guck, shared that she worked hard to make her two kids feel that everything is okay.

“[I might have had problems] of paying rentals, but that doesn’t mean that I would pass that problem to my children. I haven’t got a single cent from my children. I could do everything for them,” she said.

Jose also stated that she never controlled her children when it comes to their lives.

“Let them. At the end, they will [be] more responsible … us parents must understand our children. Let them leave. They will stumble, but they will also rise if we let them,” she added.

Although Jose made no mention as to why she decided to write that particular post, many speculated that it has something to do with Sarah Geronimo and her mother Divine – the latter who reportedly was against her marrying Matteo Guidicelli last week.

(Photo Source: Jake Galvez Instagram)


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