Izzat Abu Auf married his beloved Habiba and caused her death to destroy him

Cairo – Sarah Ibrahim

Although Fatima is the only love story in the life of the late Egyptian artist Izzat Abu Auf, she was not his only wife.

Izzat Abu Auf admitted during a previous meeting in the program "Alstat Maverosh Ikkedboa", that he married his first wife, "Fatima" and continued the second marriage for more than three years, pointing out that the reason for marriage to another is not love, but because "

The artist said Fatima had collapsed completely when he admitted to marrying her, but after a long time she told him she would not ask for a divorce because she was sure he would eventually return.

He added that he told his second wife that he would not be separated from her unless he chose him with his first wife, Fatima, because in this case he would choose Fatima, confirming that this was exactly what had happened and he had already chosen Fatima.

The artist revealed that the story of love between him and Fatima began at the age of fourteen and he was nineteen, and married at the age of twenty-third.

"Because of my great love for her, because for 37 years she has never complained to me, even though I am a moody personality and very nervous and make trouble out of nothing."

The death of Fatima in 2012 resulted in the destruction of Izzat Abu Ouf psychologically and healthily. After her departure, he entered more than a psychiatric clinic to cure him of the shock of death. After her death, she discovered that he needed open heart surgery for an artery, despite being a mathematician. tennis.

He confirmed that he never thought of associating with his wife, but because of the circumstances of his illness it was necessary. His manager chose Amira, because she worked with him for almost 20 years and all his work with her hands, and she saved him from many calamities.

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