Is it possible to play Burned xbox 360 games online and can you get banned?

Thanks for watching guys, i hoped this helped! Here is a link to the video”How to burn Xbox 360 games” http://youtu.be/lhszwVG9sVA.



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  1. You should have given some detail on how you burn them so people don't do it the wrong way and get banned. Just because a burned game is playable on a modded system doesn't mean it will pass the security check. Nothing noted about profile patches, abgx or settings on ImgBurn.

  2. Please reply – My Xbox 360's disk reader broke, but other than that it's fine. Will I get banned if I put one of my Xbox 360 games into my PC and copy the disk into a flash drive then try plugging the flash drive into my Xbox 360 to play it? (Preferably online)

  3. I have Xbox 360 super slim i flashed it in the market all the people say you can play online and i tried but failed and did not accept the update…. 😣 please help i watste my time in offline please make a video for xbox360 super slim..😯

  4. I try to play online GTA V or Fifa 15 online matches, and it says that my gamer profile does not have permission to do that, like it allows me to play ultimate team on fifa, but does'nt allow to play with other real people. Can you help, plz?

  5. I installed a burned game on my flashed xbox 360 ,and after thet when i inserted the disk and played the game it said "failed to authorize disk" then i deleted the cd installed content and played it , i can play it just normallly .but does installin burned game really is the cause for the error ,or some thing else.And what is HDD partition and is it needed on a flashed xbox also or only on a jtaged one

  6. Hi guys i need a help i did crack ma xbox (360 special edition ) n i did put a lot of game inside it what i need is can i play onlie or i will get ban if yes , how shall i fix it to the original setting 
    i really appreciate it if anyone can help me 

  7.  RGH/JTAG for offline Flashed for online you can partition xbox drive into 2 making 1 online 1 offline or buy extra drive and rotate from flashed to  RGH/JTAG for playing online use flashed drive and burn games properly with right software to avoid ban ..flashed drives can be done by anyone if you want it and tutorials to do it are on youtube .. also to jtag xbox it has to be old model that hasn't been updated and seems there hard to find.. best thing would be able to have all mods and be able to switch it up but allot more complicated  flashed sounds best route IMO blank dvds DL are only 2$ at most that beats buying games at full price and cause you can flash yourself for most likely no money no soldering then download burn and play online or off  

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