Is A Gluten Free Diet Alone Enough For Good Gut Health?

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Greetings. Eric Bakker. Thanks for coming back. We’re talking about gluten. Gluten, gluten. I’ve done a few videos on this. By the way, do you like my pot plants in the background? They’re pretty cool aren’t they? I’ve had them downstairs, but with the new kitchen renovation I’ve been talking about, I had to bring them up here because they were getting too much dust on them, so I spent all day yesterday taking out two massive big ceilings on two rooms, which you can adjoin. So it’s going to be a 45′ long room by 25′ wide.

Massive room so I can’t wait to show everybody this new kitchen I’m building. Then I’m going to do some cooking stuff to show everybody the kind of food I eat. But that’s all coming up months from now. It’s going to take a lot of time and work and effort. Now, where was I? We’re talking about gluten.

It’s interesting, I just had a look on the internet and people have been going gluten free for a long time, a long time. When I started practice people were going gluten free but mainly Celiac’s. And in America there are about 300,000 Celiac’s out of all those hundreds of millions of people. But there are a lot of people who’ve gone gluten free mainly because it’s hip and trendy like tattoos, like beards, like ripped jeans, like piercings. It’s a trendy thing to do, like walking around with your iPhone and throwing stuff on Instagram, everybody does it. So everybody’s going gluten free.

Are they going gluten free because of health? I think they are going gluten free because of the trend. Now there are different types and ways of going gluten free. There’s no argument that Celiac’s that are diagnosed through the trans-gluten or trans-aminase, whatever they call it, the antibody. There’s an antibody that can be found in the blood, and it’s confirmed then with a biopsy that a person is a Celiac.

There’s no argument that those people need to be scrupulously gluten free. And if you’re not a Celiac, if you’ve got a tiny problem or any kind of health problem and you go gluten free thinking you can cure it by going gluten free you’re on the wrong page for me and I really can’t, I just can’t help you there, I’m sorry.

It’s a big problem because when you take gluten out of your diet, if you want to really go gluten free you’re taking a lot of stuff out of your diet and that can be causing problems. Many people lack sufficient fiber in their diet as it is.

Now if they are going to take every single tiny little piece of gluten out of their diet, a lot of high fiber foods contain gluten, they’re going to be in for a lot of big shock. A lot of problems with their gut because it’s going to give them a lot of digestive problems.

But even if they do that, is it still enough to maintain a healthy diet? Is going gluten free really enough to maintain a healthy diet. This is what I can’t understand. Many patients I’ve spoken to over the years who have taken gluten out of their diets still drink beer or wine or alcohol. “Oh yeah, but I’m drinking gluten free beer.”

Well hang on a minute, didn’t you take gluten out of your diet to fix up your low sex drive or your hair loss, or the fact that you’ve got an itchy ear, or that your eyes fluttering or that your butt’s too big or something? Whatever. People stop gluten for the darnedest of reasons. I’m telling you, I’ve heard it all.

One guy told me he stopped gluten because he wasn’t growing in height. So he thought if he stopped gluten from his diet he would grow taller. I think what planet are these people on? If you’ve got a digestive issue the first thing, for example you do, is don’t take gluten out of your diet. You take alcohol out of your diet.

You start eating actually real foods, stuff that’s not in cans, packets. You don’t go to Kentucky Fried Chicken for lunch for example and ask for a gluten free meal there, things like this. This is all fake. Talk about fake news.

So don’t come to me saying, “What do I do, I’ve taken gluten out of my diet, and my health problem’s not getting any better.” It’s really about looking at your lifestyle, and your diet combined. I’ve been talking about this for years on this channel.

It’s about trying to get a lot of things right in your life. Not just about what particular type of food that you need to eat. So if you’ve got a health problem the very first thing you do is not take necessary gluten out of your diet and think that’s going to be the be all end all.

Thanks for tuning in.


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