iPhone 11 – The Best iPhone in 2020

The iPhones 11 lineup has some great phones with the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. After using all of them for a few months, the iPhone I recommend for most people is the iPhone 11. In this video I go over iPhone 11 specs, battery life, cameras and more to show you why I think iPhone 11 is the right option for most people in 2020. #iphone11 #ios13 #apple

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – iPhone 11 Introduction
00:35 – Price and storage
01:49 – Size comparison
02:26 – Colors
02:45 – Design and build
03:44 – Display
04:35 – Haptic Touch
05:05 – Specs
05:54 – Battery life
06:43 – LTE and WiFi
07:05 – Cameras
08:07 – Front facing Camera
08:33 – IP Rating
09:00 – Should you buy iPhone 11
09:39 – Wallpaper
09:51 – Outro

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  1. I had an 8 and was going to get an 11, temptation for the Oled display took over and then temptation for the max display took over and then I said fuck it and got 256GB and now I’m broke lol.

  2. hey Eren, I actually can't make up my mind. Could you help me with what should I go with? I will be coming from an iPhone 6S plus will it be better to upgrade to an iPhone XS max or iPhone 11? btw I am a sucker for large displays.

    Thank you.

  3. great video as always. i have this iphone in the green colour just like you have and its been great for me. I went for the 64gb model but havent even used anywhere near its capacity in my usage. i too recommend this model for most people.

  4. iPhone 11 Pro Max best iPhone imho. Battery can’t compete with the 11 pro max vs 11. Money not issue for me so I’m glad I went with pro max. Also, camera is spectacular and screen on the 11 pro max. I’m coming from 8 plus

  5. Love my plain old 11. It’s all the iPhone I need. I came from a 6, so I was a bit disappointed in the additional weight (what happened to thinner and lighter?) but I won’t be going back.i hope this lasts until iPhone 15 or so [I’m gonna want my next one to drive my car!]

  6. The iPhone 11 feels better in the hand than my iPhone 8 since it was small but the iPhone 11 has a good price better battery and better camera and has all this features it is smack down in the middle

  7. Couldn’t agree more I use a 11 pro max but the regular 11 has been a smash hit in India being also the most affordable one the only drawback is the display but really on such small screens it’s not really a big deal for most ppl my cousin has the regular 11 who is a professional photographer actually prefers it to the OLED because of the colour accuracy …..btw great video as always!!!

  8. I actually upgraded to the XR last week because I got an amazing deal for £360 which is $466.28 which I thought was fantastic considering the XR is still a very solid phone. Love your videos Aaron.

  9. i’m using the iphone XR but i wouldn’t upgrade for 11, except for the 12mp front facing camera. i hope the next lineup it brings the PRO mode for cameras since their products have been called PROs

  10. I had a Xr, and now an 11, but over time (obviously a lot of time), it has dawned on me that I have a much easier time typing accurately on my 6s Plus. In fact, when I pick up the 6s Plus, I'm in love with that old screen ratio and form factor (even with the bezels). I don't know exactly what the SE 2 will bring to the table, nor can I imagine what'll happen to the iPhone 8 Plus. But, I'm beginning to think I should have gone with an 8 Plus, especially given that i also prefer Touch ID. These are things that to me, took a long time to realize, but for the benefit of anyone considering upgrading from an 8/8 Plus, give it some real thought.

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