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After 2 months of proudly owning and constantly utilizing the iPhone 11 Professional Max, I needed to take a minute to inform you guys the issues I’ve realized about this system with the prolonged time I’ve had it. You possibly can solely know and say a lot in a full evaluate and I needed to increase off of my very own. On this video I speak about my love of this telephones wonderful show, battery life, digital camera efficiency/4k video recording, speaker high quality and midnight inexperienced coloration!


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  1. YT Reviewers: The iPhone 11 pro is 1000 dollars, but it doesn't have the 90 Hz Display of the cheaper Onplus 7t, the iPhone 11 Pro is 1000 dollars, but it doesn't have the stylus of the slichtly cheaper Note 10, the iPhone 11 Pro is 1000 dollars, but it doesn't have the Reverse wireless charging of the S 10, the iPhone 11 Pro is 1000 dollars, but it doesn't have the notchless display of the Pixel 4


  2. Love my space gray 256gb iphone 11 pro max with a beautiful nomad rugged brown leather case.
    BTW: don't like the midnight green !!!

  3. Two questions, what is the name of that driving game you showed a brief clip of? And my other question is I just bought my first wireless charging pad and do you worry at all about the extra heat from the electromagnetic coil shortening the battery life of any Apple device? Like have you used a wireless charging pad say every day for a couple of years and was the battery still in good health after that much time? I finally got rid of my iPhone 7 after 2 1/2 years it had 87% battery health but it wasn’t holding much of a charge anymore

  4. NOAH my brother – I LOVE MY iPhone 11 Pro – to date it is by far the best cell phone I've ever owned (11 in total) size > perfect for my hand, not mammoth or cumbersome, speed > it's so quick on almost every level I hardly ever notice waiting or getting upset over latency or throttle, security > the face I.D. is lightning fast & my double protection passcode gives me peace of mind. I admit I'm still learning a lot as I go but it's intuitive & user friendly – less steps to get to your goal. sounds = above average visual – outstanding, camera tools – omgosh I could snap pics all day & still discover cool things about the camera that are all useful. sound quality over calls – above average. I think Apple took the best elements over the years of developing previous iPhones & made this baby ROCK. I know people are saying 2020 will bring a next gen. but for now I could not be happier. thanks for your great reports – it's always good to see you – Tony

  5. Do you feel like the display has a warmer tint? I just upgraded from a 6s to the 11 pro max and i noticed the warmer tint immediately.i then used the color filters in accessibility to increase the blues. Could you please give an explanation ? Is warmer accurate? Or is it an issue?

    True tone is off

  6. My Iphone 11 and others have a blurry/ lens flare issue with the camera it doesn't focus and looks a like an andrioid. :/ idk if apple are aware of it but its wack.

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