iPhone 11 Jailbreak – iOS 13.4 Beta 1 Follow Up & More…

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iOS 13.4 Beta 1 – MORE New Features & Changes


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This iPhone Trick Let’s You PASSCODE LOCK ANY App in iOS 13

This iPhone Trick Hides Pictures in plain sight – NEW Method

This iPhone Trick Hides Pictures in plain sight – NEW Method

iOS 13.3 vs 13.2.3 Battery Test – iPhone XS Max vs XS vs XR vs X vs 8 vs 7 vs 7 Plus vs SE



  1. Apple SUCKS they like dumping their untested iOS crap on the public !!!!! That’s because they try to turn out that shit way too quickly instead of taking their time and actually testing it out before dumping it onto us

  2. I have used the smart battery case for 16 months and over 360 charges. My battery life is at 95% (should be circa 86% using maths). On my previous phone, the iPhone 8, it went down to 89% in about the same time not using a battery case! So for me the smart battery case has worked really well. The science suggests it should be a positive as it is only trickle charging your iPhone and that will have less impact than charging from low-100%, less heat as well. Though I have two battery cases and swap them out when one is empty, so I never really charge my iPhone either directly or via the battery case.
    Heat has a lot to do with it so maybe do what I do. put them on a cool-pad when you charge to dissipate any heat, don't charge in your car or use wireless charging as that can heat up.


  3. On my iphone 6s suddenly i couldn't hear any external sound like ringtone, music. But when i put my earphone in it i can hear. What is the reason behind this? When i put the earphone it goes to earphone mode and when i remove it goes to the normal mode… So where is the problem???

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