In Memoriam September 2019 Stars we lost in TV & Film

In Memoriam September 2019 Stars we lost in TV & Film #InMemoriam #CelebrityNews

Many film and television stars left us during september. Some beloved actors, actresses and behind the scenes celebs. Some from the reality front like Eddie Money or Chris March; some who had iconic lines in movies such as Rob Garrison with his “Sweep the leg!” from Karate Kid. Some beloved by a franchise fandom such as Aron Eisenberg fro Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Some very young, some very old. Some will add to the myth and legend of the Power Rangers curse… One thing is for sure though: All will be missed in the world of wonder and storytelling that is television and film.
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Film & TV celebrities who died in September 2019

Jukka Virtanen, 86, Finnish director, actor and screenwriter (Levyraati, Pähkähullu Suomi, Noin seitsemän veljestä),
Tom Zickler, 55, German film producer (Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, Guardians, Head Full of Honey)
Carol Lynley, 77, American actress (Harlow, Bunny Lake Is Missing, The Poseidon Adventure),
Dai Tielang, 88, Chinese animator (Black Cat Detective, A Deer of Nine Colors, Where is Mama)
Chris March, 56, American fashion designer and reality TV star (Project Runway)
Robert Axelrod, 70, American actor (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, The Blob, Digimon)
John Wesley, 72, American actor (Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot, Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad, Hang ‘Em High),
Jeff Fenholt, 68, American actor (Jesus Christ Superstar)
Valerie Van Ost, 75, English actress (Carry On, The Beauty Jungle, Mister Ten Per Cent)
Mardik Martin, 84, Iranian-born Iraqi-American screenwriter (Raging Bull, Mean Streets, New York, New York)
Paul Cronin, 81, Australian actor (The Sullivans, Matlock Police, State Coroner)
Eddie Money, 70, American singer (“Take Me Home Tonight”) and reality TV star (“Real Money”)
Brian Turk, 49, American actor (Carnivàle, Big Fat Liar, American Pie 2)
David Hurst, 93, German-British actor (Star Trek: The Original Series, The Perfect Woman, Hello, Dolly!)
Phyllis Newman, 86, American actress (Subways Are for Sleeping, Mannequin, To Find a Man)
Jessica Jaymes, 40, American actress (Weeds)
Suzanne Whang, 56, American actress (Las Vegas, From Here on OUT) and television host (House Hunters)
Charles Gérard, 96, French actor (The Toy, Animal, A Man and a Woman: 20 Years Later)
Jan Merlin, 94, American actor (Gunfight at Comanche Creek, Take the Money and Run, The Twilight People)
Jack Donner, 90, American actor (As the World Turns, Four Christmases, All About Evil)
Aron Eisenberg, 50, American actor (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, The Horror Show, Prayer of the Rollerboys)
Sid Haig, 80, American actor (Jason of Star Command, THX 1138)
J. Michael Mendel, 54, American television producer (The Simpsons, Rick and Morty, The Critic),
Linda Porter, 86, American actress (Superstore, Dude, Where’s My Car?, Twin Peaks),
Libi Staiger, 91, American actress (The Most Happy Fella)
Rob Garrison, 59, American actor (The Karate Kid, Iron Eagle, Prom Night)
José José, 71, Mexican singer (“El Triste”, “Como Tú”) and actor (Gavilán o Paloma),
Hogan Sheffer, 61, American television writer (The Young and the Restless, As the World Turns, Days of Our Lives)
Beatriz Aguirre, 94, Mexican actress (The Tiger of Jalisco, Flight 971, My Mother Is Guilty)

May they rest in peace…

Video by: Guillermo Paz

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