1. This is a perfect example on why people don’t like cyclists. The amount of entitlement is Karen levels. Yes I get they get to use the road but a lot of them think they get to control everyone else and ignore a lot of the laws that they have to follow. Can’t tell you how many.i see running red lights, stop signs, merging into traffic without signalling.

  2. This is why I absolutely hate the laws that prohibited bicycles to ride on sidewalks. The accidents and conflicts that happen on the sidewalks is 10 times less servere than the ones that happen on the roads.

  3. Bicycle yields at a stop sign:


    Bicycle inconveniences a car by obeying the law:


  4. that’s a not a break check, the bicycle was going at a steady pace in front of the truck until the truck tried to pass the cyclist when it clearly did not have the room. the truck could have easily pinned the cyclist between itself and the curb. look at how it went over the white lines

  5. Dudes… no one wants do die there.
    in the beginning of the video the lorrydriver is tailgating the cyclist, almost hits him, tries to overtake without lanechange…
    The cyclist has nowhere to hide.

    Safer to stop once and hope the lorrydriver does stop that one time then hoping the lorry stops safe all the time when the driver would go on trying to overtake where he can’t, almost hitting the cyclist everytime, just as he did before.


  6. I guess the guy in the bicycle ???? thought it was cool to stop just like that in front of a truck? His lucky the truck driver was able to hit his break.. yes please call the cop psycho!!!!

  7. I noticed at the end that the blur covering the name of the truck was a piece of the right- most lane. I saw a car drive through it (idk if it was like that the whole time that was just when I noticed it.)

  8. Pay attention to the start of the video, the truck was trying to overtake the biker in the intersection and forcing him to the side out of the road. Stopping is not the best thing but I can tell why he acted out of ordinary.

    This sub thinks bikers are at fault whenever they inconvenient the cars in anyway.

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