1. That’s quite a bit of Tom foolery going on there. Cop should have moved over. Guy shouldn’t pass on the right then cut off and brake check. Guy in the truck should have backed off when the cops lights came on. Damn.

  2. Cop is an idiot for driving in the left lane as well, but no excuse. Neither of them should have moved back to the left lane, just keep going about your business rather than trying to police everyone. In this case, policing the police won’t work out nicely for them.

  3. Was this really a break check? Or did they get pulled over for speeding? Not the best video, but it didn’t look like he slammed on his breaks, more like he passed him and then perhaps knew it was a cop so tried to slow down? Maybe I’m wrong, as I don’t know why they’d immediately get back in the left lane, but I’m used to seeing break checks where they check HARD.

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