I used to be WRONG in regards to the iPhone 11 Professional Digital camera…

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33 تعليقا على “I used to be WRONG in regards to the iPhone 11 Professional Digital camera…

  1. 4:00 Come on… The quality of the picture is way better for the pixel 4. Yeah, the window is blown out, but the focus is on the face and that is clearly the best. The iPhones picture is noisy as hell, the mate is completely overprocessed. Note 10 is fine, but still not as good as the pixels. (Note, that you have different shadows, which makes it harder for the pixel, as it is not as evenly lit)

  2. Honestly I think they all look like fairly good shots across the board. I love mobile photography and I wouldn't be upset with any of the images and I'd likely tinker a little with all of them anyway. My goto is pretty much always the iPhone though, you're right it's consistently good, it's the gold standard for mobile photography for me and the video footage here was fantastic.

  3. Iphone 11 looks very yellow and very high on contrast. The motion video was fantastic on the iphone though. Note 10 I feel did the best in the stadium/bridge picture. But when you brake it down, I think Pixel 4 did the best in most categories, and it took what i felt were the most realistic photos without over exaggeration, though the iphone 11 did a great job in capturing detail in some of the pictures.

  4. Before watching and possible commenting on other things in this video: I think the cameras are overstated and too much energy is spent on them. They're good enough and have been for several generations. I'd be more than happy to spend less on the same phone with an older camera set-up or as much on the same set-up but with time/energy/ resources spent on stuff that actually matters (to me). On that note. How much of the overall cost of making the phone is taken up by the camera nowadays? A lazy search told me that it was 9.5% of the iPhone 7 ( https://petapixel.com/2016/10/22/iphone-7s-camera-parts-cost-26-9-5-phone ).

  5. Going through these comments I think that there's a fairly big missed point. Half of the people say you cant fix lighting. Half the people say you cant fix missing detail. Honestly if there's enough dedication involved from the editor you can fix anything. Here's my issue with this whole thing… I didn't see the majority use case. Most people I know use their phone cameras to capture moments in moments. Rarely does background detail matter, subject detail does. Lighting, shading, detail and accuracy are amazing words to throw around but ultimately don't matter for a camera that isn't pro-line. In the restaurant photo I care more about the reflection in the eyes, the natural light on the cheek, the soft shading of the lashes and the texture detail of her jacket, skin and hair than the reflections, trees and bloom of whats going on behind her. From a realistic perspective the given occasion of the pic determines how much editing I'm going to put into the photo. As this isn't a wedding photo… or a pro shoot, etc I guarantee that NOBODY is going to fix the obvious lighting, texture or detail issues of any of these photos.

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