I just lately went to Morocco in Africa and it was undoubtedly an fascinating expertise… I bought harassed and its all caught on digital camera
SO a lot occurred on this vacation…
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46 تعليق على “I Was Harassed In Morocco… *LIVE FOOTAGE*”

  1. You definitely didn’t get harassed like ur honestly just trying to be a beg the guy probably didn’t even like you he probably only said that because your white and u look rich if u were a hot Moroccan girl he won’t even look at u so pls chill

  2. i don't why some britich people like this stupid girl are jealous from the nature and the weather of morocco
    they look every time to talk about the defects the day befor leaving morocco
    i know why becaus summer start may in morocco while it rain very day every time and every moments in england
    i can see the sadness and the jealousy in their eyes
    i say some britich people not all

  3. Don't care about sellers. those men love just joking with the tourists and they usually do that to bring attention of the tourists

    -the same thing for the servers of Marrakech city open air restaurant. some times they touch the tourist for the same reason

    just to bring attention it's their attutide to show their welcoming and kidding with ….

    that kind of approches doesn't mean harrasment for them and they don't know that.

    -the servers of restaurant of jema lefna square they stop some times tourists in the middle of the street to welcoming so get ready

    -there is a modern city in marrakech called Gueliz go there if you don't like crowds and old medina. it's totaly safe and quiet

    you find there Mc do, kfc, mall etc ..

    -Some shop sellers can be a little rude when you photographe them without their permissions it's depend of his humeur of the day and may be he will demand you to delete the photo or some money at change. Some times they feel so seek to be photographed all the day
    by a million tourists all say and night without sold any things that's all

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  5. 9:38 shut the fuck up , we have a tons of blondies in Morocco , you guys just ignorant, Marrakech people are just the funniest and has a great sense of humor that you don't , it's so normal to call her a porn star while she wears that outfit and her ass popping , ass's bigger than the climate change issue in a local poor Muslim neighborhood where people wears a modest clothes , I advise you Slelena and Miley just respect the culture , you can still go naked in private places , period.

    Dumbest ugliest vlog I saw about Morocco by a bunch of silly teenagers and thier mom

  6. Looks like an amazing trip! And the men are acting like that because its a market area, it's not the most high class place and she's wearing revealing (yet pretty) outfits so they do that to everyone, cause there are loads of natural blondes in Morocco anyway so they see it all the time. they just like to test their luck to see if foreigners are easy. Men rolls eyes

  7. 1)Moroccan people don't give bad image of American to people
    2) if you're telling that in America there is no catcalling oh honey
    3) he shouldn't harrased you and he's a dumpass person
    4) in America you get more catfishing and harrasment than Morocco
    5) we still represent America as a good country and America represent us as a bad country
    7) when you look this attractive be ready to be catcalled in every country especially New York AND YOU KNOW IT 🙂
    8) stop CLICKBAIT please

  8. Morocco is truly a great place, but it is obviously not as "open minded" as most western countries. It's mainly cultural, anyway, to feel normal and not get looked at or talked to, a women must wear discreet clothes: pants, t-shirts, shorts are fine…

  9. You have traveled to the Arab and Islamic country. And not anyone who harassed you. One person said a word. This is not the fault of people. I see that people did not bother you. This way you have to clear the title because it is not appropriate. And accept my words. Thank you. I speak this way because I am growing up and scolding my country. I agree with you that child. I called him a child because he did not grow up yet. Because he said that speech he should be punished. But that does not mean that Moroccans are all like him.

  10. What was it that Chris Rick said about uniforms? Oh yeah, if you dress like a cop, people will assume you’re a cop. If you wear a hoe’s uniform people will assume you’re a hoe.
    You dressed like that for the attention. You got it. Don’t bitch about it. You brought it in yourself and it’s EXACTLY why you dressed that way.
    Either dress appropriately for the culture or stay home.

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