1. The problem is, cars are made to crush and break so as to absorb the force of an impact, instead of transferring it into you.

  2. People saying about it having no crumple zones…. The crumple zones are in the chassis not the body work, and carbon fibre, lighter and stronger than steel

  3. That’s a Koeningsegg Regera. For those of you complaining about lack of crumple zones – the car has a carbon fiber monocoque, much stronger and safer than you think.

  4. *Manufacturer: Konigzegg
    *Model: Regerra
    *Being tested for everyday road abuse of a road going vehicle.
    This is a Swiss manufacturer of hypercar’s named Konigzegg the model you are seeing in this video is named Regerra it’s an carbon fiber monocoque chassis made to stand high impacts and the tests in the video are to mimic the everyday abuse of a normal road going car as any one is willingly bashing a 5 million dollar car.

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