1. The only reason you felt that way is because you were stupid trying to immediately swerve back in front of them. Just straighten the wheel and stay in the other lane where you were fine. Learn to anticipate better

  2. Maybe I’m just too rational but aside from trying to immediately get back into the left lane, I don’t see he did anything wrong. From the time I could see the car in the camera, the merging car (to me) should have stopped and made sure the lane he wanted to merge into was clear and since it wasn’t, should not have entered the motorway.

    Unless the rules are vastly different there, you’re supposed to keep right (in this case left because RHD) except to pass. Yes, if you can clearly see someone coming get on the highway and it’s safe to move over, do so, but you’re not obligated to. They’re merging into moving traffic, it’s on them to ensure they do so safely.

  3. I’m gonna blame 3 people. The OP for not moving over once he saw a car trying to turn on. The other driver for just charging out without a second thought. Lastly whoever plans roads around here this intersection is garbage and I’m sure this type of thing is common.

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